Monday, February 25, 2008

Fred & Anthony – Esile Arevamirp with Elise Primavera

Part graphic novel part intermediate chapter book, the Fred & Anthony series should be quite popular with young boys. Fred & Anthony are best friends who spend all their time sitting on the couch watching horror movies and eating Chex Mix (Anthony) and Pez (Fred). They never do their chores because they are always paying someone else to work for them. This works well until they run out of money. Now they must find a way to make more money so they can keep paying their siblings and the neighborhood pushovers. Their initial idea is to write a book and become rich as the Queen of England (like that J.K. Rowling person). When they stumble upon a WRITER’S BLOCK, they decide to help the elderly people in their neighborhood. Unfortunately all the locals know they are slackers and undependable thus causing Fred & Anthony to head to “The Outskirts” of town looking for clients. They enter a true haunted house and their adventure begins. Full of gross things that boys love and fun comic art this should be a good series for Captain Underpants fans.

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