Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Fairy House (series) - Kelly McKain

If you have a little girl who has already read the Fairy Realm books and the Daisy Meadows books, here is a fun new fairy series that they will love. The Fairy House is an attractively presented series. They are small hardbacks, with colorful, sparkly covers. The actual books even have little flower petal skirts glued on the covers for a cute three dimensional affect.

Katie and her mother just moved to a new house. To thank Katie for being such a good helper during the process her mother buys her a dollhouse. Katie is ecstatic and can't wait to start decorating it. She decides to take the dollhouse outside to work on. There is a huge old oak tree in a neighboring field where sets up her craft supplies for her project. She gets distracted and leaves the dollhouse there overnight. Little does she know that the oak tree is a portal between earth and the fairy kingdom. Four fairies arrive and move into her dollhouse. They are on a mission of extreme importance: to save the oak tree from being ripped out and destroyed. If that were to happen, the fairies would not be able to come to earth any more to help humans. With Katie's help the four fairies begin their adventure and end up learning a lot about the human world.

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