Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seeing Sky*Blue Pink by Candice Ransom

When I first saw the title for this book I new I had to read it. My grandfather always told us that his favorite color was sky blue pink. My sisters and I always argued with him that there was no such color but he insisted that there was and it was definitely his favorite color! Seeing Sky*Blue Pink is a good realistic fiction book for the intermediate reader. Maddie is a shy eight-year-old who has a lot of adjusting to do. She has a new step-father and has moved into his house in the country. She is used to city life and isn’t too sure of the remoteness of her new location. She enjoyed “perfect days” in the city with her mom when they would do their shopping and finish off with an ice cream sundae at their favorite diner. Her mother and step-father are very patient with her through this adjustment period and eventually she realizes that she can still have perfect days even though she is in a different place with different people.

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