Monday, December 10, 2007

The Candy Shop War

In the page turning fantasy, The Candy Shop War, four kids begin some serious adventuring when they meet the owner of a new candy shop called the Sweet Tooth Ice Cream and Candy Shop. They begin accepting magical candy in return for performing strange "services" for the owner, Mrs. White, who also happens to be a magician. However, things start to get a little sticky when some of the children begin to have moral dilemmas about the so-called services they are asked to carry out. As another magician enters the scene, it isn't long before they don't know who to trust as they race to discover the magicians' end goal and to ensure good prevails.

Another entertaining book from Brandon Mull, this story is well-paced and interesting. Occasionally the story hits a rough patch in plot, but overall I found it a great read. Adventures, villains and heroes, discerning right from wrong, and magical happenings will keep readers captivated.

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2112 said...

An enjoyable read with lots of crazy action. I had a few issues with some parts of the plot and some poor use of characters but young readers probably won't even notice them.