Monday, May 14, 2007

Extreme Pets!

Extreme pets! : Jane Harrington: Scholastic: 2006:163 pages.
I am not in the market for an extreme pet, but I was fascinated with the cover of this book. Also, I was curious as to what kinds of creatures are considered "extreme pets" and why people would want to own them. This is a fun guide book to some very bizarre pets. The book is divided into four categories: Cold-Blooded, Pocket Pets, Insects and Slimy Pets! Within each category several pet possibilities are explored. Each entry is given a report card with grades given in five different categories: coolness(Wow! factor, not temperature), aroma, neatness, ease of care and cost factor. Each section also provides detailed information on how to create a comfortable living space for each individual pet. as well as their specific dietary needs. This book is written for kids to study, with their parents, to help determine if any of these "extreme pets" are right for them. After reading this, I can see the attraction for a chinchilla, hedgehog, or sugar glider; they are all extremely cute (though high maintenance). However, I did not discover a sudden desire to own Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches, slugs, or Giant African Millipedes!

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