Sunday, January 22, 2017

Display: Monsters

Monster Park!
By Annie Bach
Monster's having a fun time at the park—swinging and sliding, swirling and twirling, and riding the whirly-whirl. When it's time to go, though, Monster says "NO!" But all's okay because Monster can return another day.

Monster Party!
By Annie Bach
Monster's invited—and monster's delighted! Come and join the monster bash. There's spinning and pinning, high-fiving and jiving, and munching, crunching, and buggy-food lunching. But when it all ends, Monster must leave his fun-loving friends. There's crying and sighing—until Monster discovers a happy surprise waiting for him at home.

Mrs. Mo’s Monster
By Paul Beavis
A monster with a one-track mind meets his match in an elderly lady called Mrs. Mo. With Mrs. Mo's help, the monster is surprised to discover that he can do more than he ever thought. 

Monster Mash
By David Catrow
In this illustrated version of the classic novelty song, a mad scientist's monster performs a new dance which becomes "the hit of the land" when the scientist throws a party for other monsters.

Monster Mess!
By Margery Cuyler
A monster sneaks into a boy's room and cleans up while the boy is asleep.

Substitute Creature
By Chris Gall
Mr. Creacher, a multi-tentacled substitute teacher, warns his prankish students not to misbehave, recounting rhyming cautionary tales of the weird, spooky, and unexpected.

My Monster Mama Loves Me So
By Laura Leuck
A young monster describes all the things its mother does to show she loves it.

My Beastly Brother
By Laura Leuck
A young monster describes the good and bad sides of his relationship with his older brother.

Hungry Monster ABC
By Susan Heyboer O’Keefe
 When a child tries to teach the alphabet to ten insatiable monsters, things quickly get out of hand and chaos abounds until the teacher returns with just the right threat to chase them all away.

When a Monster is Born
By Sean Taylor
Explores the options available to a monster from the time it is born, such as becoming the scary monster under someone's bed or playing on the school basketball team.

The Teacher from the Black Lagoon
By Mike Thaller
On the first day of school, a young boy expects only the worst when he discovers that his new teacher is the "monstrous" Mrs. Green.

Friday, January 20, 2017

From Story Time: The Letter "N"

Read in Book Babies

By Jan Thomas
Beach Lane Books, 2011.  Picture Book.

Three grinning cows are ready to have some fun!  Unfortunately for Chicken, their idea of fun is jumping, dancing, and wiggling to and fro on Chicken's sofa.  Will they finally find a sofa activity that Chicken will be happy about?  You bet, because rowdy cows need naps too!  Thomas' bold illustrations are perfect for the youngest of readers, and this book is an excellent choice for kiddos (and parents) who enjoy a good giggle!

Read in Toddler Time

Written by Audrey Wood
Illustrated by Don Wood
Harcourt, Inc., 1984.  Picture Book.
It's a cozy, rainy day in the house, and Granny is napping, but she's not alone.  Into the bed climb the child, the dog, and the cat.  But it's one last guest that changes everything!  Illustrations created from beautiful oil paintings inspire feelings of nostalgia.  This cumulative read aloud provides a great opportunity for comprehension, participation, and recall.  A classic!
Read in Preschool Time

Written by Miranda Paul
Illustrated by Nate Wragg
Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.  Picture Book.

From ten little ninjas sneaking out of bed to one cuddlebug asleep on the spread, rhyming text provides a count-down to bedtime. (Publisher)

Read in Preschool Time

Written by Jan Carr
Illustrated by Dorothy Donohue
Holiday House, 1999.  Picture Book.

What do you love about winter?  This book includes the best of frosty fun:  bundling up in cozy clothes, snowball fights, building snowmen, and don't forget--"thump a-bumping" down slippery slopes on a sled!  Add in a little ice skating and top the day off with a tasty cup of cocoa by the fire, and you've got a perfect winter day.  Rhyming text and colorful cut-paper collage illustrations are great attention-getters for toddlers who view winter with wide-eyed wonder.

Read in Monday Cuentos

Written by Jez Alborough
Translated by Mario Castro
Santillana, 1995.  Spanish Picture Book.

¡Huy! ¡El osito de Eduardito es enorme! Y hay un oso de verdad que tiene el problema opuesto--¡su osito es muy chiquito! ¿Será un caso de identidad equivocada? (Publisher)

Read in Friday Cuentos

Written by Ellen Stohl Walsh
Translated by F. Isabel Campoy
Harcourt, 2009.  Spanish Board Book.

Cuenta hasta diez--cuenta hacia atras--con estos encantadores ratones y mira como se escapan de una serpiente hambrienta. (Publisher)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pass the Pandowdy, Please

Pass the Pandowdy, Please: Chewing on History with Famous Figures and Their Favorite Foods
Written by Abigail Ewing Zelz
Illustrated by Eric Zelz
Tilbury House, 2016. Informational.

All of the most famous figures in history have one important thing in common - they all had a favorite food. These famous foods tell us a lot about the famous people who ate them like Napoleon Bonaparte, who ate dinner alone and would make such a mess eating that he had to change into clean clothes when he was done.

This fun and beautifully illustrated book tells the stories of people most kids have heard of, in a way they've never heard them before. This book introduces young readers to history with light and humorous anecdotes and plenty of additional references for any kids who are interested in digging a little deeper. I was pleasantly surprised that this book also dives a little into the history of food - there's a fun timeline with recognizable events like "Civil War begins in the U.S." next to "Heinz produces ketchup."

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Display: Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarians

Brandon Sanderson is one of the big names in children's, teen's and adult fantasy and he is coming to speak at the Library.  Free tickets for his AuthorLink talk at the Provo City Library will be available starting January 18th.  His talk is February 1st, at 7:00 p.m.

Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarians
(Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarian #1)
By Brandon Sanderson
Starscape, 2016, (c 2007). Fiction. 319 p.
On his 13th birthday, Alcatraz, who has been raised in the foster system, discovers that he, like the rest of his family, has an unusual special power.  He also finds out that his family, the Smedries, are the sworn opponents of the Evil Librarians, a secret society that seeks to control the world.

The Scrivener's Bones
(Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarian #2)
By Brandon Sanderson
Starscape, 2016, (c 2008). Fiction. 367 p.
Alcatraz Smedry goes in search of his father and grandfather in the Library of Alexandria.  The library is guarded by wraiths, other monsters, and, of course, evil librarians.

The Knights of Crystallia
(Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarian #3)
By Brandon Sanderson
Starscape, 2016, (c 2009). Fiction. 319 p.
Alcatraz travels to the land of Crystallia which is supposed to be free from Librarians, only to find the country's leadership is about to sign a treaty with the Librarians. Meanwhile Alcatraz hopes to finally meet the parents he never knew.

The Shattered Lens
(Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarian #4)
By Brandon Sanderson
Starscape, 2016, (c 2010). Fiction. 292 p.
Alcatraz and Bastille answer the call to battle giant robots to save the land of Mokia.

The Dark Talent
(Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarian #5)
By Brandon Sanderson
Starscape, 2016, Fiction. 300 p.
Having broken the Smedry talents, Alcatraz must find a different way to infiltrate the center of Librarian power to save his friend, Bastille.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Display: Chill Out With a Cool Book

Frozen Wild
By Jim Arnosky
Describes how some animals survive in frigid regions, including muskrats, walruses, and the Arctic fox.

The Three Snow Bears
By Jan Brett
Retells the story of Goldilocks, set in an Inuit village and featuring a family of polar bears.

Whale Snow
By Debby Dahl Edwardson
At the first whaling feast of the season, a young Inupiat boy learns about the importance of the bowhead whale to his people and their culture. Includes facts about Inupiats and the bowhead whale.

Winter Lights
By Anna Grossnickle Hines
Rich, luminous fabrics. Eleven miles of thread. An uncountable number of stitches. Clear, sparkling words. With these ingredients Anna Grossnickle Hines celebrates the lights that brighten the darkest season of our year. In poems and quilts she captures each heartening glow and flicker, from the moon and aurora borealis to the holiday lights of Santa Lucia, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Chinese New Year to one lone candle and a hidden flashlight in the deep, dark night.

Snow School
By Sandra Markle
Twin snow leopard siblings survive their first year of life in Pakistan's Hindu Kush mountains by learning critical skills from their mother, including how to hunt, where to find shelter, and to stay away from humans.

Frosty the Snowman
By Steve Nelson
An illustrated version of the song in which a snowman comes to life and plays with the children who built him. Includes accompanying CD.

Counting on Snow
By Maxwell Newhouse
In this petite counting book, animals appear in the isolation and beauty of a snowy Arctic winter-- from ten crunching caribou down to one lonely moose.

By Cynthia Rylant
Celebrates the beauty of a snowfall and its happy effects on children.

Good Morning, Little Polar Bear
By Carol Votaw
Picture book featuring 13 cuddly Arctic animal babies as they begin their day. Adorable illustration and cheery, rhyming text show children what it's like to wake up in the Arctic.

A Snowflake Fell
By Laura Whipple
A collection of poems from various poets that illustrate the beauty of winter and the simple pleasures that can be found in the cold, snowy months.

Snow, Snow
By Jane Yolen
Jane Yolen's wintry, shivery poems are inspired by the stunning photographs of Jason Stemple, who has captured the images of snow in all its breathtaking beauty. After children enjoy these poems and pictures, they will look at snow in a different way --with their imaginations as well as your eyes. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Lesser Spotted Animals

Lesser Spotted Animals: The Coolest Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of 
By Martin Brown
Scholastic Inc, 2016. 53 p.

There are so many books on animals here at the library. Animal science is interesting! However, most of the books on animals are about animals most readers have already heard of (lions and tigers and bears or the like). Not this book. This book is about all the nifty animals that most people have never heard of. There are facts about animals like the Cuban Solenodon (the “shaggy Caribbean insectivore with a toxic bite”) or the Banded Linsang (the “stealthy stalker of Southeast Asian treetops”) just to name a couple. This book is clever and funny and informational. It explains that while some animals (like elephants) are cool and people know about them…they should also know about the Russian Desman (the “swampy insectivore with a sensational snout” that has many functions similar to an elephant). This book not only tells facts about unusual animals…it also tells you why in the world you should care about those unique creatures. Basically, this is a delightful book to read for any young animal scientist who loves learning bizarre facts about lesser-known creatures. Yes, please!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Display: Happy Birthday!

The Backwards Birthday Party
By Tom Chapin
At the backwards birthday party, a donkey pins the tail on the guests, the ice cream is hot, and the candles are not.

Rocky and Daisy and the Birthday Party
By Melinda Melton Crow
It is their human friend Owen's birthday, and Rocky and Daisy want to participate in the preparations--and share in the food.

Birthday Bash!
By Melinda La Rose
It's Jake's birthday! To celebrate this special day, Jake's crew has created a special treasure map for him that will lead to fun birthday activities. Like a true Never Land pirate, Jake decides to invite that sneaky snook, Captain Hook, and Mr. Smee to join in the fun. But something is wrong ... could it be that this cranky old Captain never had his own birthday party? 

Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties
By Eric Ode
 In the town of Mossy Pockets, the residents throw a birthday party for reluctant Bigfoot. The party excitement builds until it all comes to a pie-smashing disaster. But in the end, Bigfoot loves it--because even though Bigfoot does not like birthday parties, Bigfoot loves a birthday mess!

Happy Birthday, Bertie!
By Marcus Pfister
It's Bertie's birthday and he's going to have a birthday party. There's a birthday cake to be made, and decorations to be hung, and games to be played, and best of all, presents to be opened. But where is Daddy's present? Daddy has hidden it so well, he cannot find it himself.

Birthday Mice!
By Bethany Roberts
A little mouse's very lively birthday party has the cowboy theme he hoped for.

Happy Birthday, Bunny!
By Elizabeth Garton Scanlon
Illustrations and rhyming text portray the birthday party of a beloved baby.

Birthday Cakes
By Sarah L. Schuette
Simple text and colorful photographs describe types of birthday cakes.

Happy Birthday!: A Spot-It Challenge
By Sarah L. Schuette
Simple text invites the reader to find items hidden in birthday-themed photographs.

Birthday Crafts
By Greta Speechley
This book is crammed with ideas for crafts that will make birthday parties even more fun. Step-by-step instructions and tracing patterns give you all you need to create invitations, place cards, a game, and a magic trick. Features fun fact boxes.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Genuine Sweet

Image result for genuine sweet

Genuine Sweet
by Faith Harkey
Clarion Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015
Fiction, 277 pgs.

I have to admit that this isn't the most well-written book ever published. That being said, my 10-yr-old sister absolutely loved it. And, just as the title indicates, it is pretty sweet.

Genuine Sweet lives in a small, worn-down town in Georgia. Life is hard for everyone, but Genuine feels pretty sure her life is the toughest. With her mama dead and her dad the town drunk, Genuine and her grandma are barely getting along. Then, one day her grandma shares a secret with her, a secret passed from mother to daughter for generations: how to call down wishes from the stars. There's only one rule to this wish catching magic: you can't use it for yourself. This new found power is going to make Genuine's little town a lot cheerier, but along the way Genuine is going to have to learn about love, sacrifice, and that life is what you make it, not what you wish for.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

When the Sea Turned to Silver

When the Sea Turned to Silver
by Grace Lin
Little Brown and Co, 2016. Fiction. 370 p.
Pinmei is a shy little mouse of a girl who lives with her grandmother, the storyteller. When the evil emperor kidnaps Pinmei's grandmother Pinmei must overcome her shyness and embark on a quest to get her grandmother back.  As she does she slowly begins to realize that the legendary stories her grandmother told her are based on reality and her best friend, Yishan, is more than he seems.

This is the third a series that began with Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  Like the others this one can stand alone, but readers of the other stories will recognize characters and events that happened in the earlier books that are now legends in this book.  Lin uses a lot of Chinese folktales in her books and it is amazing how she weaves the stories with her plot so the reader discovers they are all interconnected in the end.  This book is available from the library in print, on CD, as an ebook and an audiobook download.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Undercover: One of These Things Is Almost Like the Others

Undercover: One of These Things Is Almost Like the Others
By Bastien Contraire
Phaidon Press, 2016. Picture book.

This is a wordless book of eye-catching pink and green stencil art, with each page showing a collection of similar objects and one not-so-similar object. Some of the odd-one-outs are easy to spot (teapot amidst ducks, chick, and turkeys), and some are trickier to find.

Young children will enjoy poring over the bright images, naming objects they know and learning to distinguish differences in shapes and functions. When I gave this book to older kids and teens, they immediately turned it into an intense competition to see who could spot the outlier on each page the fastest.