Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Los Animales Marinos al Dedillo
Combel Editorial, 15 pg. Board Book

This board book is amazing! Touch-and-feel areas allow your child will be able to experience how marine animals feel. Most of the vocabulary is appropriate for the small children but it also contains fun descriptive words for more advanced readers. This book has the names of parts of the body and some of the habitats of creatures that live in the ocean. The touch and feel textures of animals from the sea and the interesting animal facts make this book perfect for children.

Este pequeño libro de páginas gruesas es excelente. Esta lleno de figuras que los pequeños pueden tocar y sentir la textura de la piel de los animales marinos. Tiene extenso vocabulario, con palabras simples que se pueden usar con los mas pequeñitos y también palabras descriptivas, mas avanzadas que se pueden usar con las mas grandes. Este libro da nombres de las partes del cuerpo de los animales que viven en el océano. Da a los niños la oportunidad de tocar y sentir como se sentiría la piel de muchas de las criaturas que viven en el mar; lo que hace a este libro ideal para niños.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Junk Yard

Cover image for Junkyard
Junk Yard
by Mike Austin
Beach Lane Books, 2014. picture book

The yard is full of junk; old cars, boats, buses and much more.  It is not a nice place to be but don't worry. The Munching Machines are on the job. They munch up all the junk, plant trees and flowers, and make a wonderful play park. Austin's text is bouncy and all in rhyme, but the funnest part of this book is the illustrations.  The Munching Machines are very friendly looking robots that seem to be having a great time crunching everything in sight.  The new park they create is full of bright colors and smiley face flowers. This is a great book for young robot lovers that doesn't involve fighting or violence.  The message about the hope of land reclamation is just an added bonus.

Doctor White

 Cover image for Doctor White
Doctor White
by Jane Goodall
illustrated by Julie Litty
Michael Neugebauer Edition, 2014. picture book

Doctor White is not your usual pediatrician.  He has a furry tail and a little black nose, and he somehow knows which children need him the most.  He cuddles up to them in their hospital beds and occasionally licks their little fevered hands until they get better.  Doctor White's treatments are amazingly effective until one day a health inspector threatens to shut down the hospital unless they get rid of the little dog.  The inspector has a change of heart when his own daughter winds up in the hospital in need of Doctor White's care. This book, written by the world famous naturalist, Jane Goodall, is based on a true story of a London hospital.  It is illustrated with carefully detailed watercolors that capture the hope and sorrow of a pediatric hospital. This is a great choice for those who understand the power of doggie love.

Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk

 Cover image for Jack and the jelly bean stalk
Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk
by Rachael Mortimer
illustrated by Liz Pichon
Tiger Tales, 2014. Picture Book

Everyone knows the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, but what if Jack's magic beans were jelly beans? Who would want to eat a little boy when he could have a feast of brightly colored and multi-flavored jelly beans instead? Just watch out for the "stinky socks" flavored ones.  This is a short and silly mixed-up fairy tale that will tickle a child's fancy. Pichon's illustrations use all the vibrant colors of a bowl of candy and employ some creative point of view shots to show how big the giant really is.  This would be a good choice to read along with a more traditional telling of the story like Steven Kellogg's Jack and the Beanstalk

Friday, August 29, 2014

The School is Alive!

The School is Alive!
Eerie Elementary #1
by Jack Chabert
illustrated by Sam Ricks
Hardcover, 96 pages
Published June 24th 2014 by Scholastic Inc. 
Sam is not your ordinary hall monitor. After all, his school is named "Eerie Elementary". He realizes the magnitude of his new job the first day when the school literally tries to eat him. He quickly learns that it is up to him to keep all the kids safe while also trying to stop the school and satisfy its hunger. This is a fun and spooky little chapter book for 2nd-3rd grade kids. Great black and white illustrations add to the creepiness of the tale.

Missing Monkey!

Missing Monkey!
Good Crooks Book One
by Mary Amato
illustrated by ward Jenkins
Hardcover, 128 pages
Published February 25th 2014 by Egmont USA

Most kids try to model their behavior after that of their parents, and that is what most parents want. Yet twins Billy and Jillian have a bit of a problem with their parents behavior. They want to fully live up to their last name, Crook. Mom and Dad Crook want the young twins to be expert lock-pickers and pickpockets. The kids want nothing more than to do a good deed for once. As they try to secretly do a community service project at the local zoo their parents discover them and somehow they end up stealing a monkey and taking it home with them. The parents are convinced he can be part of their gang, I mean family. So now they have the chance to do a really good deed by returning the monkey. And how do they convince their parents that the crooked life of a Crook is not for them?
This ridiculous intermediate chapter book is great fun for boys and girls alike. The monkey's antics alone will have them laughing out loud. Kids will get a kick out of reading about parents that want their kids to be bad as it is most likely the opposite of how they are being raised.  

Mis cuentos de Princesas (My Princess stories)
Sally Gardner
Editorial Océano de México, 96 pg. Fiction, Spanish

This book of princess stories, contains five of the most popular: Cinderella, The Frog Prince, Sleeping Beauty, The Princess and the Pea, and Snow White.
The illustrations are very entertaining and bring out the humorous side of these traditional tales. This book is the perfect cuddle-up and read-aloud for your children.

Este libro de historias de princesas, contiene cinco de las mas populares como: Cenicienta, El Príncipe Rana, La Bella Durmiente, La Princesa y El Guisante, y Blancanieves.
Las ilustraciones son muy entretenidas y realzan las historias tradicionales, como también su humor. Este libro es perfecto para acurrucar a los pequeños y leérselo en voz alta.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Xander's Panda Party - Linda Sue Park & Matt Phelan

Xander's Panda Party
by Linda Sue Park
Illustrated by Matt Phelan
Clarion Books, 2013. Picture book.

Xander wants to throw a panda party, but he is the only panda in the zoo. He decides to make it a bear party, but when he invites the koala and discovers that koalas are marsupials, he decides he needs to invite other marsupials as well. As he talks to more animals and doesn't want to leave anyone out, he is overwhelmed by the growing guest list. Will he throw a successful party, or will it be more than he can handle?

The storytelling is delightful. Park's use of verse is impressively executed. She incorporates a bit of zoology and animal classification, which is a fun element. Phelan's ink and watercolor is stunning. Overall a lovely book.

¡Cosas que andan! (Things that go!)
James Buckley, Jr.
Scholastic INC., Non Fiction, Spanish.

This small book of things that go is a great addition to the Spanish collection. The twenty seven pages of this book are filled with information, and each has a caption on the page to explain new words. Children will love this book because of the great pictures, and the captions and names or years of things that go.

Este pequeño libro de cosas que se mueven, es una gran adición a la colección en Español. Las veintisiete páginas en este libro estan llenas de información, tienen en la página unos círculos donde dan información extra, con nuevas palabas de las cosas que se mueven.

Monkey Me and the Golden Monkey

Monkey Me and the Golden Monkey
by Timothy Roland
Hardcover, 96 pages

Published January 28th 2014 by Scholastic Inc.        

Clyde and Claudia are twins yet they couldn't be more different from one another. Claudia is calm, brainy and cautious. Clyde constantly is bouncing and reckless. When their class visits the museum Claudia tries to make Clyde follow the rules. But he can't help it if he is so hungry he eats a banana out of a scientific experiment! Now when he gets super excited he literally starts monkeying around. Can Claudia use her wits to figure out what happened and how to fix it? Branches has done it again...given beginning chapter book readers a fabulous new illustrated series that will keep them coming back for more.
Kids are sure to love that the monkey parts are shown in comic book style instead of straight chapter book. This makes it great for reluctant readers.