Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Snow & Rose

Snow & Rose
by Emily Windfield Martin
Random House, 2017. Fiction. 204 p
One day Snow and Rose's father, traveling on business, goes into the forest and never returns.  Rose, Snow and their mother are forced to leave their home and move to a small cottage in a poor village. Snow and Rose adapt to their new life as peasants, but soon realize that there is something strange going on in the forest around their village.  People keep disappearing like their father had, and unnatural animals terrorize their neighbors. As they search for information about their father's fate they come face to face with an ancient evil.

This is a charming retelling of a lesser known fairy tale. Martin starts out more or less realistic, and then gradually moves into the fantastic in a way that gently pulls the reader along. It is available in print, on CD and on Overdrive. The recording is very good, with occasional sound effects and a skilled reader so if you are doing a road trip this summer with kids of a variety of ages, this would be a good one to listen to in the car.

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