Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sing, Don't Cry

Sing, Don't Cry
Angela Dominguez
Harry Holt and Company, 2017. Picture Book.

Dominguez tells the true story of her grandfather coming each year to visit during her childhood and sharing his love for music and remaining positive, despite hard times. He also believes in the importance of passing stories down to his family. The simple message throughout comes from the ever popular Mexican song "Cielito lindo"

Ay, ay, ay, ay (Ay, ay, ay, ay)
canta y no llores, (sing and don't cry)
porque cantando se alegran, (because singing gladdens)
cielito lindo, los corazones. (the heart, sweet lovely one.) 

Sing, don't cry. Although hard times will come, choose to sing. This sweet, simple story can be shared with young and old as a perfect motto to live by.

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