Saturday, June 24, 2017

CHARACTER COUNTS: Lexie the Word Wrangler

Lexie the Word Wranger
Written by Rebecca Van Slyke
Illustrated by Jessie Hartland
Nancy Paulsen Books, 2017. Picture Book.

Lexie is a true cowgirl who takes her duties seriously. She spends her days solving word problems around her ranch. One day she discovers there is a word rustler who is going about causing word troubles. She sets out to solve the mystery of what is happening and who is mixing up all the words. Lexie ends up finding a way to give the word wrangler a second chance to solve problems instead of create them.

The text reads with a slight southern accent, which creates a fun experience of being part of the illustrations and experiences on the ranch. Van Slyke presents a positive message about hope and seeing the best in others. Lexie is a strong female character with perseverance. There is also an opportunity to learn about compound words, letter arrangement, and spelling. It is a great read for children just learning to read and spell. Vocabulary specific to the Lexie's ranching world is throughout with a dictionary in the back of all the new words introduced.

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