Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rad Women Worldwide

Rad Women Worldwide
By Kate Schatz
Illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl
Ten Speed Press, 2016. Informational.

If inspiring stories about extraordinary women are your thing, stop what you're doing and check out this book. Filled with short and well researched biographies about forty incredible women from around the world, even those more knowledgeable about women's history will find new women to look up to. I was so excited to hear stories about women I had never heard of and I found each story very engaging and well written. Kate Schatz does a great job of highlighting figures from around the world and all through history with powerful stories to tell.

The stunning cut-paper portraits and minimalistic use of color make this book graphically appealing, though many readers may not realize just how impressive (and time intensive!) the illustrations are. This book may struggle a little with its immediate kid appeal, but it is engaging and informative enough that it's worth reading together as a family.

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