Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Girl Who Could Not Dream

The Girl Who Could Not Dream
By Sarah Beth Durst
Clarion Books, 2015. Fiction. 384p.

Sophie has some serious secrets to keep. First, she can’t let anyone know about the underground Dream Shop her parents run, where they bottle and sell people’s dreams. Second, Sophie can never tell about her secret power: even though she never dreams herself, if she drinks someone else’s dream, that dream comes true. Third, Sophie has to keep Monster, her pet and best friend who she dreamed alive, a secret. The fact that he looks like a cat helps. The fact that he has tentacles and enjoys witty banter makes it more difficult.

If Sophie thought her life was difficult before, it’s nothing to the day she finds the Dream Shop broken into and her parents gone. It’s up to Sophie, Monster, and two kids from school to track down the bad guys and save the day. There is sure to be lots of adventure, suspense, arrogant unicorns, exciting chases, and pink rabbits in top hats along the way.

This title is available in print, eBook, and eAudio.

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