Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nightmare Escape

Nightmare Escape 
(Dream Jumper #1)
By Greg Grunberg & Lucas Turnbloom
Graphix, 2016. J Comics. 203 p.

Ben has been having vivid nightmares in which he saves people from an evil dream monster. What’s even stranger is that he vaguely recognizes some of the people in his dreams and his friend at school, who always plays a role in the dreams, remembers the dreams as well. Because of these nightmares Ben is not sleeping well. His mom takes him to a sleep clinic where he discovers some of the people from his dreams in Ward Z, a unit full of people trapped in a dream state. He also discovers that Kaylee, the girl he likes, is also trapped in a dream state. Ben quickly falls asleep in order to save Kaylee and ends up in Ward Z. In the dream world Ben is guided by a talking rabbit who reveals that Ben’s true nature is a Dream Jumper and helps Ben on his quest.

This is a funny and exciting graphic novel series opener that sets the stage for future volumes. Grunberg, known for his acting roles on TV and in movies, tells the story well and Turnbloom adds lively illustrations that complement the story and dialogue. Older children and tweens will enjoy this adventure.

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