Thursday, July 14, 2016


Juna’s Jar 
Written by Jane Bahk
Illustrated by Felicia Hoshino
LEE & LOW BOOKS Inc. 2015. Picture Book.

Juna loves to take her kimchi jar on adventures with her best friend Hector. One day, when Juna goes to play with her friend, she is informed by Hector’s Abuelita that Hector has moved to a big house to leave with his parents. Juna becomes very sad. Luckily, her brother, Minho, recognizes this and helps Juna find things to put in her jar. Each night Juna imagines that she is inside the jar and goes on an adventure. Each day the contents of her jar have outgrown the jar and Juna and Minho find something else to put in the jar. In one of her adventures she visits Hector while he sleeps and discovers him happily dreaming next to the kimchi jar that Juna gave him. At the park the next day, while wondering what to put in her jar next, Juna meets a new friend.

 This 2015 Asian/Pacific American Awards for Literature winner is a memorable book with a solid and relatable story and detailed and softly-colored illustrations. Children coping with being separated from friends or family will appreciate this book.

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