Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I Won a What?
By Audrey Vernick
Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2016. Picture book.

A little boy really wants a pet, but his parents won’t let him have anything fluffy, shaggy, feathery, or that eats mice. But the boy has one more chance: his parents promise he can keep anything he wins at the goldfish booth at the fair. The boy wins and finds out that instead of a goldfish, he has won Nuncio! Nuncio happens to be a giant whale, but his parents keep their promise and Nuncio starts his new life in their swimming pool – on a trial basis. What follows is the boy’s delight and the parents’ growing frustration with the difficulties of having a whale for a pet. Will the boy be able to keep his beloved giant goldfish?

Though the theme of an enormous and unusual pet is familiar, this book is a worthy addition to the group. The story has lots of memorable details, surprising humor, and great facial expressions on the characters illustrated by Robert Neubecker. Reminiscent of Clifford the Big Red Dog with a very funny and satisfying last page.

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