Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Troll and the Oliver

Troll and the Oliver
By Adam Stower
Templar, 2015. Picture book.

Troll and Oliver have a routine. Every day Troll hides behind trees and under bridges and tries to catch and eat “the Oliver.” And every day Oliver outruns and outsmarts him. Troll is getting really grumpy on his diet of twigs and stones. Will Troll ever catch that pesky Oliver? And how will Oliver escape when he finally runs out of sneaky and clever ideas?

This fun story is full of mischief, humor, and surprises. Kids will love the antics of the tricky Oliver and the chases of the hungry, blundering, but ultimately lovable troll. The double surprise ending wraps up the story perfectly, and a recipe for Troll Cupcakes is included at the back. A light-hearted and less scary take on the old fairytale theme of man-eating ogres and trolls.

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