Monday, October 12, 2015

Once Upon a Line

Once Upon a Line
by Wallace Edwards
Pajama Press, 2015. Picture Book

Many wonderful stories begin with "Once Upon a Time" but the stories suggested by this book start with "Once Upon a Line." On each page Wallace has a fanciful illustration with a short story-starter below it.  "Once Upon a Line/ there was a great race.  No one knew who would come first, until the fluffy one began to..." The reader is invited to make up his/her own story to go along with the picture. The bright watercolor illustrations are a delight, and if the author/illustrator weren't Canadian this could be a Caldecott contender. To add to the fun Wallace has hidden both a fountain pen and a "line" of a certain shape in each picture.  Readers are invited to find the pen and the "line" in each page with answers provided at the back of the book. This is a great book to share with a budding author, or with anyone who enjoys getting caught up in a world of imagination.    

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