Saturday, August 8, 2015

To the Sea

To the Sea
By Cale Atkinson
Disney Hyperion, 2015. Picture Book.

One rainy day on the way home from school, Tim met Sam, a whale who took a wrong turn and got stuck in Tim’s neighborhood. No one else had noticed the blue whale, but Tim did, and he understood how the whale felt because he felt people didn’t notice him, either. After talking to each other they decide to be friends. As a friend, Tim finds a way to get Sam home to the sea because as he says, “friends don’t let friends down.”

The color palate of the illustrations mirrors Tim’s moods, starting off with dark colors when he feels alone but ending with bright colors when Tim succeeds in returning Sam to the sea and with him meeting a new human friend. A picture book about finding friendship where you least expect it and knowing you are not invisible.

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