Friday, August 7, 2015

Mummy Cat

Mummy Cat
By Marcus Ewert
Illustrated by Lisa Brown
Clarion Books, 2015. Picture Book

Deep within an ancient pyramid, and cat mummy awakens from his tomb.  He wanders the rooms of the crypt looking for his beloved mistress, the Egyptian queen Hat-shup-set.  As he passes through galleries, he sees wall paintings of his life with the queen before they both died. He is sad to remember what he has lost, but his sadness comes to an end when the queen lifts the lid of her sarcophagus and the two mummies are reunited.  Ewert's sweet little story of an unusual pet and owner is written in quiet rhyme.  Brown's light watercolor and gouache illustrations capture the feel of ancient Egypt in a child friendly way.  Ewert adds several end notes explaining aspects of Egyptian society and Brown includes a few hieroglyphs in her illustrations. This is a great introduction to a fascinating part of world history for fairly young readers.

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