Sunday, August 16, 2015

Display: Get Your Craft On!

Stitched Paper Art for Kids
By Ali Benyon
Turn your resident amateur sewist into a master of paper craft with Stitched Paper Art. Varied projects include headbands and necklaces, bookmarks and buntings, and picture frames and purses.

Farm Animals
By Jessica Boyer
Farm Animals Country critters make cute collectibles or playtime pals. Crochet all 6 with medium weight yarn plus novelty accents. Designed by Jessica Boyer, the animals range in height from 4.5 to 9 inches tall, starting with the friendly mouse and progressing to the pig, chicken, sheep, cow and horse.

Mommy and Me Craft
By DK Publishing
Introduces kids to the wonderful world of crafting, knitting, sewing, crocheting, and more with projects for the whole family including animal masks, friendship bracelets, knitted bunnies, fabric bags, and pom pom creatures.

Pet Crafts: Everything You Need to Become Your Pet's Craft Star!
By Megan Friday
Perfect for pet lovers of all ages, this book offers crafty inspiration for kids who want to create stuff for their favorite furry friends. Doggie fashions, cat couture, and gerbil goodies are all covered. The creative, easy-to-craft projects include personalized plaques, designer-inspired pet wear, simple hand-sewn toys, and homemade treat recipes.

Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter
By Alison Hansel
You'll soon be knitting enchanting things you didn't know were within your powers. Charmed Knits offers dozens of patterns for items that evoke the mystique of Harry Potter - a Wizard Robe, an Invisibility Shawl, a Quidditch Sweater, Ron's Ragg Raglan, a Clock Blanket, Harry Christmas Ornaments, and more. Easy-to-follow patterns, color photos of the finished projects, and illustrations of special stitch patterns and design elements make it easy for all knitters - from beginners to those at Mrs. Weasley's level - to work knitting magic.

Sneaky Art: Crafty Surprises to Hide in Plain Sight
By Marthe Jocelyn
A variety of craft projects using common household materials.

Start to Felt
By Ewa Kuniczak
Introduces knitting and creating crafts with felt, and provides step-by-step felting projects including jewelry, bags, and charms.

Jewelry Crafts
By Annalees Lim
In Jewelry Crafts, you'll find plenty of fun jewelry to make, from funky hair clips made from old toys to cool handmade bead bracelets. Step-by-step instructions with accompanying photographs guide readers through these artful accessories, but there's plenty of room for creativity.

Nature's Art Box: From T-shirts to Twig Baskets, 65 Cool Projects for Crafty Kids to Make with Natural Materials You Can Find
By Laura C. Martin
Presents more than sixty projects made from natural materials that are available almost anywhere.

Knitgrrl: Learn to Knit with 15 Fun and Funky Patterns
By Shannon Okey
Provides instructions on how to knit, including patterns for scarves, hats, mittens, and a soda can cozy.

Cool Fabric Projects: Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Trash into Treasure
By Pam Scheunemann
How to upcycle fabric trash into something new -- from earbud wire covers to cool coiled baskets.

Cool Crafts with Old Jeans: Green Projects for Resourceful Kids
By Carol Sirrine
Provides step-by-step instructions for crafts made from old jeans and information about reusing and recycling.

Kylie Jean Summer Camp Craft Queen
By Marne Ventura
It's time for summer camp! Kylie Jean here. Did I tell you that I once became the summer camp queen? You can be a summer camp queen too. Make a fancy tiara like mine, a fluttering butterfly, and even a camp spirit stick. Now get outside and start crafting!

I Can Make That!: Fantastic Crafts for Kids
By Mary Wallace
Children as young as four years old can take common household items and easy-to-obtain natural materials like twigs and turn them into costumes, puppets, toys, games, and more. Step-by-step instructions and photographs keep things simple and easy to understand, making this book perfect for home, school, library, camp, or even daycare.

Fully Woolly
By Ellen Warwick
It's all in here -- the basic info and tips on getting started with knitting, crocheting and felting, plus four color-coded levels of projects to please everyone, including those with an advanced case of yarn-itus! Following the hip and helpful illustrated instructions, girls can create wearables, carryables, giftables and more. These 18 projects are fully chic, fully doable, fully frugal -- fully woolly!

By Ellen Warwick
Features 17 injeanious projects that transform old jeans into stylish and functional new clothes and stuff. Not only are these projects bank-account friendly -- they're environmentally friendly, too! How injeanious is that? Tired jeans are revived with funky cuffs or a waistband. Dreary denim is reborn as skirts, halter tops, slippers, purses, carry-all bags, wallets or bolsters.

Get Hooked Again: Simple Steps to Crochet More Cool Stuff
By Kim Werker
Join the crochet crowd with these simple, step-by-step instructions. Includes patterns for ruby slippers, a Gidget bucket hat, a camo bag, flower power pillows, and much more.

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