Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to Pee

 Cover image for How to pee : potty training for boys
How to Pee: Potty Training for Boys
by Todd Spector, M.D.
illustrated by Arree Chung
Henry Holt and Company, 2015. Picture Book

If potty training a boy is on your list of things to do this summer, here is a great choice that will help make what can be a trying experience for both child and parent more fun.  In this "how to" guide an exuberant young man demonstrates how to pee using different "styles." the "Rocket Style" involves a countdown, and the "Firefighter Style" encourages the participant to "Imagine a roaring fire."   Each style ends with a successful completion of the task and big smiles from two adoring parents.  Chung's cartoon illustrations are humorous, and appropriately modest.  Find this book in the library's Hot Topic: Potty Training section.

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