Friday, May 15, 2015

How to Draw a Dragon

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How to Draw a Dragon 
by Douglas Florian
Beach Lane Books, 2015. Picture Book

Drawing a portrait of your dragon is a challenge because dragons are so big you can't see them all at once.  This picture book suggests different ways you can draw the various parts of your dragon. "Draw a your dragon's pointed spines/using lots of jagged lines./While your dragon's laying eggs/take the time to draw its legs." Florian is an award winning children's poet and the text is written in bouncing rhyme. Each two page spread features one couplet of the poem and a brightly colored dragon made to look like a child had drawn it. During the summer break it is great to find a book that can suggest an activity. Check out this book, read it as a family, and then have fun drawing dragons of your own.

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