Thursday, January 8, 2015

Awesome Recipes You Can Make and Share

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Awesome Recipes You Can Make and Share
by Mari Bolte
illustrated by Paula Franco
Capstone Press, 2015. Nonfiction, 32 p.

Maren, Willow, Ashley, and Delaney are the Sleepover Girls. They love to get together and cook great food. This fun little cookbook has 13 recipes that older grade school age children can mostly cook for themselves with minimal parental help. Each recipe is associated with one of the Sleepover Girls, and there is a little paragraph telling why it is that character's favorite. The recipes have a lot of girl appeal, and most have healthy ingredients like ground turkey,  kale, or fresh fruit. The recipes are illustrated with decorative borders and photographs of some of the steps of preparation.  If you like this title, there is also a companion book: Sleepover Girls: Fab Fashions You Can Make and Share.

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