Saturday, September 13, 2014

You Can't Have Two Many Friends!

 Cover image for You can't have too many friends!
You Can't Have Too Many Friends
By Mordicai Gerstein
Holiday House, 2014. Picture Book

The King has "borrowed" Duck's jelly beans, and Duck is on a mission to get them back.  On the way to the castle he meets a variety of friends and invites them to join his quest.  Magically friend Dog, friend Babbling Brook, friend Ladder and others shrink themselves and hide on Duck's person. When Duck gets to the castle, the guilty king tries to do away with Duck, but Duck's friends pop out and save him whenever he is in peril.  In the end the friends are able to share the reward of Duck's efforts. This story feels like an old time folktale, but the illustrations are done in a contemporary cartoon style that will appeal to modern kids.

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