Saturday, September 13, 2014

When Elephant Met Giraffe

 Cover image for When Elephant met Giraffe
When Elephant Met Giraffe
by Paul Gude
Disney Hyperion, 2014. Picture Book

Giraffe doesn't talk much so it is tricky for Elephant to negotiate a friendship with him. It is hard for the animals to learn to share and be tolerant when they can't communicate easily but with a little effort and a little compromise Elephant and Giraffe become the best of friends.  This is a great book about how to make a friendship work.  The text is very simple, with only a few sentences per page.  The illustrations are simple too, basic line drawings filled in with solid color, but they help convey the story and the feelings of the characters.  This is a great choice for Elephant and Piggie fans, or for someone looking for a way to help a pre-schooler navigate their first attempt at relationships with other children.

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