Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Little Raindrop

 Cover image for The little raindrop
The Little Raindrop
by Joanna Gray
Illustrated by Duravka Kolanovic
Sky Pony Press, 2014 informational picture book

One day Little Raindrop falls out of a cloud and begins his amazing journey through the water cycle.  He lands in a puddle, then flows to a stream and then to a river.  Along the way Little Raindrop meets many animal friends.  Finally resting on a warm shore, Little Raindrop begins to float back up to the clouds.  This book is appropriate for very young children.  The text is simple and printed in large clear font.  The pastel illustrations have soft edges and all the little creatures, including the raindrop, have smiling faces.  This is a great preschool or kindergarten STEM or Common Core choice.

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