Monday, June 23, 2014

Hopper and Wilson Fetch a Star

Cover image for Hopper and Wilson fetch a star
Hopper and Wilson Fetch a Star
by Maria Van Lieshout
Philomel Books, 2014. Unpaged Picture Book

Hopper and Wilson are off on another adventure.  This time they want to find a star to use as a night light. They fold a paper airplane, pack a picnic, and fly off into the sky.  The two friends find lots of stars, but none is just right.  They stop for lunch on the moon, and as Wilson takes a nap, Hopper goes off on his own.  He finds himself on the dark side of the moon and doesn't know how to get back to the light.  Finally a star shows him the way back, and he and Wilson decide that the stars are better left where they are. This is a great story for even the youngest listeners.  The text is very simple, and the watercolor and mixed medium illustrations are soft and inviting. Best of all, there is a sweet friendship between the elephant and the mouse that comes through in both the text and the illustrations.

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