Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Princesses are Not Just Pretty

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Princesses are Not Just Pretty
by Kate Lum
Illustrated by Sue Hellard
Bloomsbury, 2014. unpaged picture book

Princesses Mellie, Libby and Allie are pretty, but which is the prettiest?  They decide to have a beauty contest to settle the question once and for all. For days they prepare; choosing clothes, doing their hair, even brightening their freckles.  When the day of the competition arrives each starts out with the highest hopes, but on the way each princess finds someone in need.  One by one they stop and help, ruining their beautiful clothes and hair in the process. The judges decide that none is the prettiest, but all are the best princesses in the land.

This is the newest addition to our new Princess section of the Picture Book collection.  These princesses have everything a little princess lover could want; good looks, beautiful clothes and kind hearts.  Hellard's watercolor and ink illustrations are a frilly as one could hope for in a princess book. Especially fun are the princess pets who accompany their young mistresses in all their fashion adventures.

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