Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little Big Horse: Where's My Bike?

Little Big Horse: Where's My Bike?
By Dave Horowitz
Scholastic, 2014. Unpaged easy reader.

When school is finally out for the day, Little Big Horse runs outside to the bike rack- only to see that his bike is missing. Then Pablo the bull rides by on Little's bike, and sneers, "Finders keepers." Little, so sad, trudges on home. He soon comes across Pablo, crying over a broken bike- HIS broken bike! Can these two fix the bike and make amends?
This is a great, new easy reader. It's got the right amount of humor and real life predicaments- aside from the fact that the main characters are a horse and bull! Dave Horowitz has a gift for visual humor. I especially loved all of the emotions on Little Big Horse's face, which range from sorrow over his missing bike to total glee when it's found.


lw said...

Almost exactly the plot of Ben Rides On. Hmmmm.

BLT said...

Oh dear...scandal!! I didn't realize.