Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello, Nebulon!

Hello, Nebulon!
Galaxy Zack #1
by Ray O'Ryan

Hardcover, 128 pages
Published April 2nd 2013 by Little Simon
Zack Nelson is moving to a whole new planet with his parents and twin older sisters. Surprise, surprise....he doesn't want to leave Earth and his best friend. He especially doesn't want to leave his dog, Luna. Zack dreads being the new kid in school. His bicycle is nothing like the other kids' bikes. In fact everything is completely different than he is used to. But when all is said and done, boys are boys, teachers are teachers, school is school and pizza is pizza! (Oops, forgetthat last bit. Nebulon pizza is nothing like Earth pizza!)
1st-3rd grade boys will have a blast tagging along on Zack's galactic adventures.

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