Friday, April 19, 2013

Display - Earth Day Hooray!

By Meryl Magby
Describes the characteristics of sea anemones, including their history, way of life, habitat, physical characteristics, diet, reproduction, threats from predators and the environment.

By Claire Llewellyn
Discusses volcanoes explaining what they are, where they are found, and the different types of volcanoes.
By Robin Michal Koontz
 Animals and insects throughout the world have some extreme, and sometimes gross, special skills, explore a variety of ways creatures use tools and build homes in order to survive in the wild.
By Brenda Z. Guiberson 
Text and color illustrations introduce frogs and their vital role in environmental balance in places all over the world.

By Christina Wilsdon
Real-life photos and vivid illustrations offer children a fascinating look into the deep-sea lives of sharks. Guided by their favorite Disney characters, youngsters can explore the many different kinds of sharks, from the most common to the weirdest, and the gentlest to the most deadly!
 Discusses all kinds of swimming creatures, from fearsome sharks and enormous whales to glow-in-the-dark squid and stinging jellyfish, with essential facts on their anatomy, life cycle, and behavior.
By Camilla De la Bédoyère
 Lists one hundred facts about rain forests.
By Christopher Cheng
 Python stirs and slithers out from her shelter, smelling the air with her forked tongue. It's time to molt her dull scales and reveal the glistening snake underneath. Gliding along a tree, she stops and watches very, very closely as a bird drops onto a branch -- and escapes the razor-sharp teeth just in time. But Python is hungry, so she slides on to stalk new prey. Combining informative facts, expressive illustrations, and a lyrical, mesmerizing narrative, here is a book to captivate anyone fascinated by this iconic creature.
By Wendy Horobin
Covering the essential curriculum areas of human geography, physical geography, and ecology, "First Earth Encyclopedia" contains superb artwork, straightforward text, and eye-opening quizzes. Full color.

By Barbara Collier
Readers can get the inside scoop on the power of earthquakes as they take a journey to the center of the earth to find out what makes the ground shake. They also learn about the recent tsunami and what precautions have been taken to ensure future safety. Full color.

The A to Z Book of Wild Animals: An Alphabet Adventure
By Rachel Williams
 Animals are used to demonstrate the letters of the alphabet that begin their names; also includes brief profiles of each animal.

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