Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Long Way Away: a two-way story

A Long Way Away: a two-way story
By Frank Viva
Little, Brown, 2013. Unpaged. Picture book.

A little alien, who looks a bit like an onion, has an incredible journey that takes him through space, sky, earth, and water. As for what order he travels through these areas, the reader gets to decide!

This is a clever, unusual book with a special secret: you can choose to read it left to right or right to left! I tried both ways and found my favorite option was left to right. It gave a very sweet ending to the story. The illustrations are sharp and fun, designed superbly, in line with Frank Viva's usual brilliant, graphic style. This is a zippy adventure with a cozy ending, whichever way you choose to read it. Two thumbs up!

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