Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Little Book of Sloth

A Little Book of Sloth
By Lucy Cooke
Margaret K. McElderry Books, c2013. Unpaged non-fiction.

"In a sleepy corner of Costa Rica there's an upside-down world where sloth is a virtue and not a sin..."
This book is all about the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica (Aviarios del Caribe), which rehabilitates and studies sloths brought in from the wild. It's a fantastic look at the animals and their daily activities, including why they're such mellow creatures. Sometimes they are so relaxed, they can fall asleep in the middle of dinner! Overall, this is a fantastic, enjoyable look at the cutest pups on the block. The text is readable, brief and clear, letting the pictures really shine.


curlyq said...

I might just die from the cuteness of the little guy on the cover!

BLT said...

Oops, I wrote "fantastic" twice! See what happens when you or Laura aren't around to be my thesaurus?