Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedgieman: A Hero is Born

Wedgieman: A Hero is Born
Written by Charise Mericle Harper
Illustrated by Bob Shea
Random House, c2012.  48 pages. Easy reader.

This book begins with the birth of a superhero, named Veggiebaby. Veggiebaby loves to eat any vegetables put before him. As he grows from Veggiebaby to Veggieboy to Veggieman, our hero develops many astounding super-skills in addition to his veggie loving, such as x-ray vision and shape shifting. One day, Veggieman is shopping for a new costume, and decides on a spectacular ensemble that features a big "V" on the chest. This is perfect, because it symbolizes his love of vegetables and his mission to get kids to love them, too. While shopping, Veggieman hears a cry of distress and finds a young boy trapped in a tree. Upon saving him and climbing down the tree, a v-shaped stick gets stuck to Veggieman's new outfit. Now, people think there is a "W" on Veggieman's chest and begin to call him Wedgieman!

This easy reader is lots of fun! It is appropriate for first graders, and there are visual jokes and alphabet tricks for them to enjoy. Author Cherise Harper knows what emergent readers want and how to make them laugh and learn. Illustrator Bob Shea provides colorful, silly artwork that is just right.

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