Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Family Tree

The Family Tree
by David McPhail
Henry Holt, 2012, unpag. picture book

A pioneer, clearing the land to start his farm, decides to leave one tree as shade for his house.  As years pass, the tree grows and silently watches as the pioneer's son inherits the farm, and then his grandson.  The town grows up around the house until one day it is time to widen the road. The construction crew says the tree must go, but the pioneer's great-great-grandson stands in the way. He, together with some woodland friends, are able to convince the road workers to make a detour around the tree. Veteran author/illustrator, David McPhail shares a subtle and child-friendly message about conservation.  Some things are worth saving and if people work together they can find solutions. The simple story is illustrated with McPhail's familiar water color and ink artwork.

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