Tuesday, August 2, 2011

True...sort of

True...sort of
By Katherine Hannigan
Greenwillow Books, 2011. 360 pages.

Delly (short for Delaware) Pattison has a knack for getting into trouble. While she was spunky as a child, she is downright rotten as a tween. Delly gets into fights on the playground, runs away from home, and invents a dictionary of alternative curse words- much to the chagrin of the neighborhood parents. She befriends a new girl, Ferris, whom the other children find odd because she appears androgynous and doesn't speak or like to be touched. The two girls slowly form a bond and help each other through their trials.

This is a nicely written story. 4th grade and up, due to scenes of abuse and bullying. The roots of Delly's trouble making and Ferris' mutism are deep and may be hard for younger children to understand.

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