Saturday, April 9, 2011

Really, Really Big Questions About Space and Time

Really, Really Big Questions About Space and Time
Written by Mark Brake
Illustrated by Nishant Choksi
Kingfisher, 2010. 63 pages. Nonfiction.

"BANG! And so the universe began."

Mark Brake's addition to the Really, Really Big Questions series addresses those pressing inquiries you have about space and time, and even some you've never thought of. You might be curious to know if space is smelly. Well, you'll find "that very much depends on where you stick your nose." The humor lends itself well to the interesting content. Brake also uses different fonts and bright colors to keep the reader visually interested. Nishant Choksi's mid-century style illustrations add to the action and adventure you might otherwise only find in a comic book. What would ordinarily be a boring topic is actually exciting while still being informative. Fight the temptation to skip the glossary, index, and further reading section. They are not to be missed!

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