Thursday, January 13, 2011


By Deb Lucke
Clarion Books, 2010. Unpaged. Picture book.

This is a sure-to-please book for fans of Tedd Arnold's Parts series- although this one is actually less boogery than you'd expect! It's a fun tale about a boy in a grocery store who sneezes so hard, he forgets his name. He sneezes so hard, he forgets what his mother looks like. He sneezes so hard, information and knowledge start spewing from his nostrils, including an entire hanky's worth of presidents!

I love the exaggerated, colorful illustrations. The first page is the perfect picture of what a sneeze feels like- the boy is hunched over, arms flailing about, as the world around him rushes past. This is a fantastic book that spews all kinds of facts, while still keeping it fun and lighthearted.

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lw said...

Less boogery! hahahahaha