Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds
By H.G. Wells, retold by Davis Miller & Katherine Brevard
Stone Arch Books, 2009. 63 pp. Juvenile graphic novel.

Adapted from H.G. Well's classic story, the graphic novel version is a great way to introduce children his famous tale of an earth-shattering alien invasion. After a strange vessel crashes in England during the nineteenth century, the Martians' invasion of earth begins as the aliens destroy everything--and everyone--in their path. Is there any hope for survival in the face of such a devastatingly powerful force?

With an alien invasion and mass destruction as the topics, tender readers should avoid this story, but it is sure to interest older, avid graphic novel fans. This fast read is a wonderful way to get a taste of the classic book and to spark interest in the original story for future reading. The illustrations are colored with a beautiful palette that reflects the dark, foreboding nature of the story without making it overly frightening. Well drawn, the pictures are dynamic and keep the pace of the story moving forward.

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