Monday, June 1, 2009

The Roar

The Roar
by Emma Clayton
481 pages
New York : Chicken House, 2009.

The future of London is bleak and dreary. Yet it is safe behind the wall. Safe from the Animal Plague that devastated the Earth. Mika's twin sister was kidnapped over a year ago. Although his parents believe she is dead, he knows better. A mysterious organization begins recruiting children to play a game. All the children become obsessed with winning the game, including Mika. The winners all have one thing in common, they are mutants. Will this game distract Mika from the mystery surrounding his sister's disappearance, or will it bring him closer to discovering the truth? I liked the characters and the story. My main problem was the ending which seemed to wrap up a little fast and was a bit too preachy regarding the environment. Overall, this was a fast and enjoyable read.

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