Friday, May 29, 2009

Hunt for the Seventh--Christine Morton-Shaw

Who hasn’t read a good ghost story under the covers late at the night? If you were anything like me as a child, you didn’t sleep much afterwards either. Of course, that was the best part! Delicious chills, spooky delights, mysterious goings on, this book has all the things middle grade readers love. If you are looking for a spooky thrill and a fantastic mystery, Hunt for the Seventh is right up your dark alley.

When Jim and Sally’s father takes a job as a gardener on a sprawling estate with a mysterious past, the kids find themselves drawn into a ghostly hunt for the histories of six children who all died on the estate under strange circumstances. Spooky statues, an ancient curse, a mystery that spans a hundred years, and a murder most fowl. How could any ghost story buff resist?

Parents should be aware that though there is no violence or gore within the context of the story, it might be just a little too creepy for some younger or more sensitive readers.


lw said...

Ha Ha! "Right up your dark alley"--what a scream (get it).

2112 said...

Great spooky story. I did find some parts rather predicable, but I still enjoyed the story quite a lot. I definitely would have enjoyed this as a kid (and probably not been able to guess the end either).