Monday, January 26, 2009

boys are dogs by Leslie Margolis

Annabelle is starting sixth grade. Normally that could be bad all by itself. Add to that living in a new house in a new town with Mom's boyfriend and there will be even more problems. Annabelle misses her best friends and her old apartment. She is not a fan of Dweeble, her mom's boyfriend, and she is sure the two of them are trying to bribe her with the gift of an adorable puppy. She decides to start training the puppy even though she isn't giving in to the bribery. Meanwhile at school, she is having a hard time with the sixth grade boys. She has never had to deal with boys before. Her old school was an all-girl school which made life much simpler. One night inspiration strikes and she realizes that boys are dogs! Her Dog-Training Guidebook also seems to apply to members of the male species. Craziness follows as Annabelle tries to train the boys in the sixth grade! A fun chapter book most likely to be enjoyed by girls in the fifth and sixth grades. Annabelle is a very realistic character trying to find her place in a new school and a new family.

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