Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Never Tease a Weasel

NEVER TEASE A WEASEL; Jean Conder Soule; illus. by George Booth; New York: Random House, 2007; unpaged. Picture book.

George Booth is one of the all-time great cartoonists of this or any age, so what a treat it is to have Jean Soule's classic text reissued in company with Booth's hilariously scraggly mules and moose, and his toothy, soulful frogs. Soule's jouncy text is a delight as well, as she tells interested children all the things one may do with other animals ("You could give a mule a pool/And some jaunty swimming trunks, Send a case of Spanish lace/To a pair of lady skunks"), but always with the warning that you mustn't tease a weasel "not even once or twice. A weasel will not like it--And teasing isn't nice!"

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