Thursday, March 20, 2008

Disgusting Animals (Blazer Series) by Connie Miller

The Blazer series are excellent books for reluctant boy readers who like disgusting things. They will love and be delighted with the disgusting details given. (I was fascinated but very disgusted!) There are only a few sentences per page so beginning readers should be able to handle reading the information. On each page spread there is also a disgusting meter rating how disgusting the information is. The book starts with a small amount of disgustingness and gradually grows to the height of the meter. The pictures are big and colorful and help to explain the writing. Disgusting Animals is my favorite book in the series. With page titles such as Bird Barf, Slime Time, and Blood Suckers these books are sure to be a hit with any boy. Also check out Disgusting Bugs and Disgusting Plants.


lw said...

I love the "disgustingness meter"--you are too funny! Have you ever read that Dear America Christmas book by Kathryn Lasky where the kids have the Vomitron meter?

2112 said...

So far I have read three in this series, this one, Bugs and Plants. Plants isn't that gross, it's all tolerable. However, the Disgusting Bugs was truly disgusting. I almost couldn't look at the last couple of entries.