Friday, March 14, 2008

100 Cupboards

100 Cupboards
By N.D. Wilson
Random House, 2007. 289 pp. Chapter book.

When Henry York moves to Kansas to stay with his aunt and uncle, strange things begin happening. Once night, a chunk of plaster falls off the wall behind him and awakens him. He discovers an unusual cupboard hidden beneath the plaster and, with the help of his cousin, Henrietta, eventually uncovers a whole wall of cupboards varying in shape and size. Most of the cupboards are locked, but the few they are able to open mysteriously connect to other places. This begins a strange adventure with both wonderful and frightening circumstances as Harry and Henrietta attempt to unlock the mystery of the cupboards.

This book was a very entertaining and interesting read. It was a bit slow in the start and the ending was also rather bizarre, but it was nonetheless a great idea. I enjoyed the creativity and inventiveness of the plot and, after getting past the first chapter or so, sped through the book because I was so curious to find out what was going to happen. Although the writing was rough in places, especially the ending, this is still a good book for someone looking for a bit of mystery and adventure.

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