Monday, May 14, 2007

The Mighty Street Sweeper

THE MIGHTY STREET SWEEPER: Patrick Moore: Henry Holt: 2006: Picture Book: unpaged.
For most of this bright and delightful picture book, the street sweeper doesn't seem so mighty. For instance, the road grader has six large tires, but the street sweeper only has four medium-sized tires. While the street sweeper has a tank capacity of 180 gallons, the tanker truck can hold 4,000 gallons of water. And let's not even talk about the top speed of the street sweeper. In any case, the street sweeper exhibits his unique strengths by the end of the book but not before truck (and animal) lovers of all ages have taken a colorful tour of big rigs and small, including the three-wheeler driving the barcode label off the back cover. Comparative books such as these are also helpful in teaching children math and reading skills, according to our
resident emergent literacy guru, Carla Morris.

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