Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe by Brian Moses illustrated by Garry Parsons

If you're a dinosaur lover, or have one in your family, check out Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe by Brain Moses. Written in rhyme, with illustrations by award winning Garry Parsons, this fun book describes an unfortunate event at a local cafe, which is frequented by dinosaurs. All the herbivores come in for a leisurely lunch, when who should stomp in, but Tyrannosaurus. Mayhem ensues, with bully TRex threatening to eat everyone in the establishment. A quick phone calls gets the hero, Terry (a triceratops), to come take care of the brute and, with help from the others, convince Tyrannosaurus to leave or be tickled "half to death".
Parsons' bright, bold illustrations bring Moses' prose to life in a way that will keep children glued to each page. The triceratops and friends find a way to solve the problem of a bully without violence. They just tickle his feet and that's enough to get rid of him. Would that all the world's problems could be solved that way.

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